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North Sea Requiem - A.D. Scott ARC from NetGalley: ATRIA, Simon and Schuster.Dedication:For Maeve NolanThe front quote is from Stormy WeatherOpening: Mrs Frank Urquhart was dead against the Sabbatarians. Shinty.This is the fourth book featuring the staff of The Highland Gazette, circa mid 50s, and Joanne Ross in particular. The plight of highland women in that post-war decade or so, is brought to the readers' attention, yet everywhere is flabby cartoon interactions between two-dimensional characters.A dreich story whichever way it is viewed, with underscored emphasis on dreary, wet, dull and miserable. Sorry Simon and Schuster, I think this will be one big flop.crossposted: goodreads, anobii, librarything, netgalley.