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Private Peaceful (Booklist Editor's Choice. Books for Youth (Awards)) - Michael Morpurgo Private PeacefulPrivate Peaceful - e01 - Innocence ObservedRobson Green reads the first episode of Michael Morpurgo's powerful book Private Peaceful, a tale of brotherly love set during the horrors of the First World War.1/4. Innocence ObservedPrivate Thomas Peaceful reflects on the untimely death of his father. Life in a simple, idyllic childhood in a village of pre war England contrasts with the unimaginable horror of life as a soldier in the First World War.2/4. King and CountryBrothers Thomas and Charlie Peaceful join the rallying cry to volunteer and sign up to fight for their country.3/4. Dead Man's LandLife in the trenches is beginning to take its toil physically and mentally on Private Thomas Peaceful.4/4. Promises to KeepSentence is passed on Private Peaceful and, throughout the night, he cherishes every minute until dawn.