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The Quatermass Memoirs (Classic Radio Sci Fi) - Nigel Kneale Nigel Kneale - 'The Quatermass Memoirs' FULL CAST AUDIOBOOK (2006)The renowned Quatermass Memoirs was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in 1996. It is a mix of original TV soundtrack and drama-documentary, in which Nigel Kneale reflects on the 1950s fearful atmosphere in which he wrote the classic Quatermass TV serials.The programme mixes the factual story with a dramatic narrative, in which the now-retired Professor Quatermass (played by Andrew Keir, who portrayed him in in the Hammer cinema remake of 'Quatermass And The Pit') reluctantly recounts his past exploits to a female journalist. This in turn is interweaved with soundtrack footage from the Quatermass TV dramas. The final touch is a stirring music soundtrackPresented here as the double-CD release of 2006Cast:Quatermass .............. Andrew KeirMandy ................... Emma GregoryMaire ................... Zulema DeneWritten By: Nigel KnealeGenre: Sci-FiLanguage: EnglishPublisher: BBC Audiobooks LtdCommercial release Date: CD - 03/06/2006 Original Broadcast Date: 04/05/1996 - 08/03/1996