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Becket - Jean Anouilh, Lucienne Hill, André Aciman I have a problem with forks :"Although the word fork dates back to about the eleventh century as the name of an implement used to pitch hay, the table fork was not used in England until 1611. It was then that a country squire named Thomas Coryate returned from a trip to Italy, where forks had been used since at least the eleventh century, bringing back with him the newfangled eating utensil and an enthusiasm for using it" source - http://everything2.com/title/forkIn this film they talk about forks, a new invention brought from Florence in Becket's time - (1118 – 29 December 1170)This revisit is the film whilst I ker-knit socks for Wanda and listen to the men singing and japing around Richard Burton ... Thomas à Becket Peter O'Toole ... King Henry II John Gielgud ... King Louis VII of France Gino Cervi ... Cardinal Zambelli Paolo Stoppa ... Pope Alexander III Donald Wolfit ... Bishop Folliot David Weston ... Brother John Martita Hunt ... Empress Matilda Pamela Brown ... Queen Eleanor [of Aquitaine:]