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Murder on the Eiffel Tower: A Victor Legris Mystery - 'Claude Izner',  'Jane Aitken (Translator)',  'Pilar Webb (Translator)' On to Libbeth in UK---12 May 1889Storm clouds raced over the barren plain between the fortifications and the goods station at Les Batignolles, where the scrubby grass smelled unpleasantly of sewers.Three quarters of this book has a very intriguing premise and the mental processing of reader trying to pinpoint the murderer deals with many leads that were ultimately blind alleys. Just up my 'rue' really.But......then you realise that the characters have never been filled out (I did not have a mental snapshot of anyone, not even of Tasha, who was given the most page-room to description) and the final unveiling was truly a meh moment. It's really only a 2.5* book but because of the setting it I'll up it to the 3*