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The Hairy Ape - Eugene O'Neill http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00p69gm/Drama_on_3_The_Hairy_Ape/By Eugene O'Neill.A classic American expressionist drama from 1921. It tells the tragic tale of Yank, a stoker whose whole world is turned upside down when a young heiress ventures into the engine room of a transatlantic ocean liner.Yank ...... Dominic WestLong ...... Shaun DingwallPaddy ...... Jim NortonMildred ...... Sasha PickAunt ...... Annabelle DowlerIWW Secretary ...... John GuerrasioOther parts played by John Kay Steel, Joe Montana, Matt Addis, David Hargreaves, Stephen Hogan, Benjamin Askew and Philip Fox.Directed by Toby Swift. Broadcast on:BBC Radio 3, 8:00pm Sunday 6th December 2009Duration:90 minutesAvailable until:9:32pm Sunday 13th December 2009Categories:Drama, Classic & Period