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The Coral Thief - Rebecca Stott A botanist traveling to Paris and a new vocation is captivated by a mysterious woman. Dan Stevens reads from Rebecca Stott's love story, set in Paris in 1815 in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars. Blurb - Daniel Connor, a brilliant and ambitious student, is in Paris to take up a new position with some of the leading scientists of the day. The chaos of an occupied city, a beautiful and enigmatic woman, and the swirl of revolutionary and heretical ideas about how life began create a heady atmosphere that is all too seductive.Abridged by Viv Beeby---This should be a wonderful read for me: Darwinism just before Darwin, and Natural History in Paris, three years after Waterloo, as encountered by an Edinburgh botanist with a Puritan heart. May have to buy myself a copy - this abridged reading sure is a carrot!------Later - I find myself feeling a little miffed that Henri Jagot, the infamous chief of the security police, resembles Javert the doggedly persistent policeman from Les Misérables. I am also peeved that the switching device as employed at the end of A Tale of Two Cities was used to save Lucienne, who is revealed as being a Countess. Meh!