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Bird Cloud: A Memoir - Annie Proulx book of the week R4 - I know, I know; said that I was going to give celebrity memoirs and biographies a miss this year but this one looks interesting. Building a house in the wild always gets my attention although this one will probably not be a trunk cabin with a turf roof to keep the goats on.http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00yyb1g/Book_of_the_Week_Bird_Cloud_Episode_1/blurb - Proulx's first work of non-fiction in twenty years tells a personal story of designing and constructing a house in harmony with her interests, work and personality. Having lived a peripatetic life, Annie Proulx decides to build a house where she can end her days. It does not quite work out that way when she falls in love with a 640 acre of remote Nature Conservancy land in Wyoming. Read by Laura BrookSheesh, but what a whiney, elitist bint. The main enjoyment I have had with this is that our builders were here listening with me and they were in hysterics that she was blaming anyone and everyone that the road to her gaff was impassable in winter and *stamp foot* no one to plough it every day. Abridged by Elizabeth ReederDirected by Gaynor Macfarlane.