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The White Devil

The White Devil - John Webster Flamineo ..... Patrick KennedyVittoria ..... Anna Maxwell MartinBrachiano ..... Shaun DingwallFrancisco ..... Peter WightMonticelso ..... Sean BakerLudovico ..... Harry MyersIsabella ..... Christine KavanaghGasparo ..... David SeddonCamillo ..... Sam DaleCornelia ..... Frances de la TourMarcello ..... Michael ShelfordGiovanni ..... Lloyd ThomasHortensio ..... Tony BellZanche ..... Pippa Bennett WarnerDr Julio ..... Jude AkuwudikeAdapted and directed by Marc BeebyThe wealthy Brachiano conceives a violent passion for the married Vittoria Corombona. Her brother Flamineo, Brachiano's secretary, plots to bring his sister and his master together, in the hope of advancing his own career. Their plans are impeded by the return to Rome of Isabella - Brachiano's wife, and sister to the powerful Francisco. Desperate for Vittoria, Brachiano arranges to have both Isabella and Vittoria's husband murdered. And in so doing makes an implacable enemy of the deadly Francisco... The play was first performed in 1612, but this production sets the action in a murky underworld of the 1950s - a world that seeks to hide its shifting alliances, betrayals and sudden violence beneath a flaky veneer of honour and Broadcast on:BBC Radio 3, 8:45pm Sunday 15th August 2010