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A Stuga On the Cusp of the Orust Riviera, tucked away next to a hobbit hole in the woods.


1Q84 - Leoš Janáček, Sinfonietta: http://youtu.be/jVN5STjc4ngI'm expecting cats, quake, tsunami and a well... This is a book of two halves however, inconveniently, the like is mingled with the dislike so it is not as easy as just ripping out the offending 500+ pages.Have to ask - do you also think Murakami turning into a greasy, dirty old man, writing for the same? Sticky fingers in his Freudian nappy maybe?Hah!Abandoned for now due.(p 532)5* The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle4* Kafka on the ShoreTR Norwegian WoodTR A Wild Sheep Chase4* After DarkCR 1Q84TR Dance Dance DanceTR The Elephant Vanishes4* after the quake