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Blood Sympathy: A Joe Sixsmith Novel by Reginald Hill

Blood Sympathy: A Joe Sixsmith Novel - Reginald Hill


Read by Simon Williamson: 8 Hours

Description: PI can mean many things, but can it really mean a balding, middle-agd redundant lathe operator from a high rise in Luton, Beds? Joe Sixsmith thinks it can. His Aunt Mirabelle thinks you'd have to be crazy to hire him, and Joe's current clients certainly fit the bill. One seems to be confessing to the brutal murder of his whole family; another thinks she's a witch. Alongside them, the two heavies who believe Joe is hiding their illicit drugs seem almost normal.

This is a step up from recent encounters with Spillane and Cleeves. I immediately liked Sixsmith, a middle-aged, balding British born man of colour with the cat who has a white eye-patch. Luton as setting was also a plus. I have more of this series hanging about and look forward to them.

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