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Even Dogs in the Wild by Ian Rankin

Even Dogs in the Wild - Ian Rankin


Description: Even Dogs in the Wild brings back Ian Rankin's greatest characters in a novel that explores the darkest corners of our instincts and desires.

Detective Inspector Siobhan Clarke is investigating the death of a senior lawyer during a robbery. The case becomes more complex when a note is discovered, indicating that this may have been no random attack. When local gangster Big Ger Cafferty receives an identical message, Clarke decides that the recently retired John Rebus may be able to help. Together the two old adversaries might just stand a chance of saving Cafferty's skin.

But a notorious family tailed by a team of undercover detectives has also arrived in Edinburgh. There's something they want, and they'll stop at nothing to get it. As the cases collide, it's a game of dog eat dog--in the city as in the wild.

Opening: Malcolm Fox woke from another of his bad dreams. He reckoned he knew why he’d started having them – uncertainty about his job. He wasn’t entirely sure he wanted it any more, and feared he was surplus to requirements anyway. Yesterday, he’d been told he had to travel to Dundee to fill a vacant post for a couple of shifts. When he asked why, he was told the officer he’d be replacing had been ordered to cover for someone else in Glasgow.
‘Isn’t it easier just to send me to Glasgow, then?’ Fox had enquired.

Ian Rankin discusses Even Dogs In The Wild

Darryl Christie wasn’t a huge fan of Glasgow. It sprawled in a way his own city didn’t. And there were still traces of the old enmity between Catholic and Protestant – of course that existed in Edinburgh too, but it had never quite defined the place the way it did Glasgow. The people spoke differently here, and had a garrulousness to them that spilled over into physical swagger. They were, as they chanted on the football terraces, ‘the people’. But they were not Darryl Christie’s people. Edinburgh could seem tame by comparison, head always below the parapet, keeping itself to itself. In the independence referendum, Edinburgh had voted No and Glasgow Yes, the latter parading its saltired allegiance around George Square night after night, or else protesting media bias outside the BBC headquarters.

Rebus nodded. ‘What’s the book?’
‘He said, changing the subject. It’s Kate Atkinson.’
‘Any good?’
‘Someone keeps coming back from the dead.’
‘Not a bad fit for this evening, then.

Soundtrack to the book, which is a paltry affair this time:
Bruce Hornsby & the Range - The Way It Is
Quicksilver Girl- Steve Miller Band
Even dogs in the wild - The Associates
Somewhere deep in the night
There's a child on his own
And his pulse isn't there
And the house is aglow
With the light from outside
Well the house is aglow

There's a mattress downstairs
Full of brown peppered holes
And the hoarse hair is coarse
Not as coarse and as rough
As the rash thoughts that never heal sores

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