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Kal witticism...

Kal and Ada are the couple who personify Gothenburg/Göteborg, this statue is outside Liseberg. Gothenburg is known as 'little London' and the males wear bowler hats. So here is a little tale:

Most people have a personal zone and with gothenburgers that is wider than with most... Don't get to close!

Kal is waiting for the tram in central Gbg, when a man from Stockholm tries to approach him, getting a bit to close for comfort. Kal just grumps..

The man, in a friendly tone tries to start a conversation with...-excuse me, but there is a dent in your bowler hat....

Kal promptly asks back..- Does go in or out?

 well....in of course!

 Kal:-what the fuck has it got to do with you then!

...Like I said, stay away! Don't get to close!