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The Father: Made in Sweden Part I by Anton Svensson

The Father (Made in Sweden) - Anton Svensson


I ratted out my bank robber brothers

Description: An epic crime novel with the excitement of Jo Nesbo's Headhunters and the depth of We Need to Talk About Kevin, The Father is inspired by the extraordinary true story of three brothers who held Sweden to ransom, committing ten audacious bank robberies over just two years.

None had committed a crime before. All were under 24 years old. All of them would be changed forever.

In this intoxicating, heartbreaking thriller, the fourth brother, who was not involved in the real robberies, tells of three boys who grew from innocent children to become public enemy number one - and of the man who made them that way.

Opening: He's sitting in a yellow volkswagen van that smells of sweat and paint and something else he can't quite put his finger on.

This is an eye-scorching read: fictional treatment of true crime and (co) written by a family member. In no way does this account glamourise the criminals.

Pedestrian writing yet it gets the job done. Dual timeline, tense relationships, social conditioning. 'The Father' would make a great film. 3.5*