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Far From The Sodding Crowd: More Uncommonly British Days Out by Jason Hazeley

Far From The Sodding Crowd: More Uncommonly British Days Out - Jason Hazeley


Description: YOU'VE BEEN WORKING HARD ALL WEEK. It's your day off. Why waste hours of it standing up to your ankles in candyfloss and sick in some endless park queue? After all, there's a little brown sign hidden in the hedgerows and it points to somewhere far less obvious, far more rewarding. Somewhere far from the sodding crowd.

First up is Margate Shell Grotto - I had no idea of this, yet it is wondrous and surely deserves a visit. Apparently it has been open for over 200 years and was mentioned by the novelist Marie Corelli

Then we head WNW to...

Cuckooland in Cheshire

now across to Notts and Papplewick Pumping Station, a handsomely, restored Victorian centre

The Witch Museum at Boscastle, Cornwall looks a whole load of fun if you like that sort of thing:

Scrying tools

What fun!

St Peter's Seminary. I have no burning urge to visit this. NEXT, which sends us on a Pork Pie Pilgrimage in Melton Mowbray Leicestershire


A quick scan through Beside the Seaside in Bridlington then down to East Sussex and...

Clown Gallery, London E8

Beaumaris Castle, Angelsey

Onto dotKarendot, with love xx