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A Stuga On the Cusp of the Orust Riviera, tucked away next to a hobbit hole in the woods.

Gentleman and Ladies by Susan Hill

Gentleman and Ladies - Susan Hill



Description: Faith Lavender's funeral and the arrival of a stranger upsets the balance of Haverstock. Undercurrents of fierce emotion reach the surface, while the tensions rise and the ladies of Haverstock find their actions motivated by mutual suspicion and fear. By the author of Strange Meeting.

1/5: The funeral of Faith Lavender, spinster of the parish, is attended by her family and friends and by one stranger - a man named Hubert Gaily, who never met Faith in his life...

2/5: Friendship blossoms at the village laundrette, but will Ma Gaily approve?

3/5: The villagers of Haverstock look forward to the annual fete and the Gailys make an impression.

4/5: Storms break and accidents happen, but can the ladies of Haverstock cope with change?

5/5: Friendship and family ties are tested as the villagers of Haverstock hear the sound of wedding bells

Patricia Hayes as Eleanor Thorne
Gwen Watford as Dorothea Shottery
Stephanie Cole as Alida Thorne
Sian Phillips as Isabel Lavender.

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