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Beloved (Toni Morrison Trilogy #1) by Toni Morrison

Beloved - Toni Morrison
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Read from December 27, 2015 to January 16, 2016



Description: Toni Morrison's seminal 1987 novel about a haunted house in the era that followed the abolition of slavery in the United States is adapted for radio for the first time. Toni Morrison's masterpiece melds horror and poetry as it tells the story of Sethe, a woman who escaped slavery by crossing the Ohio river, but who, eighteen years later, is still not free.

No, not this Baby Suggs...yet there was a streak of madness running through this.

1/10: A seminal novel of ghosts, slavery, and terrible secrets.

2/10: 124 Bluestone Road, the house Sethe has lived in with her daughter Denver since she escaped slavery, has long been haunted by a baby ghost. For years, both mother and daughter have tried to discover what it wants.

3/10: Paul D's arrival at 124 Bluestone Road had the effect of ridding the house of the ghost that had haunted it for years. But he's about to discover that any sense of victory he might have, will be short-lived.

4/10: The residents of 124 Bluestone Road return from a day trip to the Cincinnati fair to discover a young woman collapsed outside their home. They feed her and allow her to convalesce and yet the mysterious visitor reveals very little about herself, other than her name, Beloved.

5/10: A young woman calling herself Beloved has arrived and stayed at One Twenty-Four Bluestone Road, and her hold, on each of its residents, has strengthened day by day.

6/10:When Sethe welcomed him into her house, Paul D. thought that life had thrown him a second chance. But then Beloved arrived and he was unable to resist her advances. Now he must steady himself to face the consequences.

7/10: Paul D. learns about what happened eighteen years ago when Schoolteacher, the man who ran the farm where Sethe was a slave, arrived at 124 Bluestone Road and attempted to reclaim Sethe and her children.

8/10: Paul D. left 124 Bluestone Road after learning about the terrible events of Sethe's past. Now only the women remain in the house, and Sethe is not the only one about to discover the nature of the bond that binds them together.

9/10: Only women remain at the house at 124 Bluestone Road and their isolation is becoming dangerous.

10/10: The women's isolation at One Twenty-Four Bluestone Road has put them all in peril, and Denver has decided to seek help from the community. After that, news spread like wildfire; news that the ghost of Sethe's other daughter, who she chose to kill rather than allow to be bonded back into slavery, has come back to reap her revenge.