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Last Friends by Jane Gardam

Last Friends (Old Filth Trilogy 3) - Jane Gardam


Description: The third installment in the Old Filth trilogy, Last Friends will surprise and delight Gardam fans and appeal to new readers as it concludes a portrait of a marriage equal to any in the English language.

Of Edward Feathers, a.k.a. Old Filth, the New York Times wrote, “he belongs in the Dickensian pantheon of memorable characters.” Filth, which stands for Failed in London Try Hong Kong, is a successful barrister who has spent most of his career practicing law in Southeast Asia. He met his wife, Betty, after she was released from an internment camp at the close of World War II. The first two books in this series—Old Filth and The Man in the Wooden Hat— told the story of their life together first from Edward's perspective, and then from Betty's. Last Friends is Edward's longtime nemesis and Betty's sometime lover, Terry Veneering's turn and with its telling a magnificent and deeply moving story comes to its satisfying final pages.
As the Washington Post commented, these “absolutely wonderful” books give us “an astute, subtle depiction of marriage.” With this third revealing view of Betty and Edward's life together the depiction is completed as readers renew their connection to this remarkable, unforgettable couple.

Opening: The Titans were gone. They had clashed their last.

The cunning plan is that when a sufficient gap has arisen so that I have forgotten most, which seems to take less time all the time, I shall re-read this trilogy through, coupled with the short stories, in succession and as close together as an acid treated Tawantinsuyu era Cusco wall

4* Old Filth (Old Filth, #1)
5* The Man in the Wooden Hat (Old Filth, #2)
4* Last Friends (Old Filth, #3)
3* The People on Privilege Hill

3* Bilgewater
4* The Stories of Jane Gardam