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When Red Is Black (Inspector Chen Cao #3) by Qiu Xiaolong

When Red Is Black - Qiu Xiaolong
bookshelves: winter-20152016, shanghai, series, dec-2015-free-for-all, communist-lit-richer, mystery-thriller
Read from December 04 to 17, 2015


Description: Crime drama set in early 1990s Shanghai. When Chen agrees to do a translation job for a property developer he is given a laptop, a 'little secretary' to provide for his every need, and medical care for his mother. There are, it seems, no strings attached . . . and then the murder of a dissident writer is reported.

Director: David Hunter

The third dramatisation in the Inspector Chen series, following on from Death of a Red Heroine & A Loyal Character Dancer.

When the murder of a dissident writer is reported Sergeant Yu is forced to take charge of the investigation. The victim, a middle-aged teacher with a dissident past and a book notorious in the West, has been found dead in her tiny room in a converted multi-family house. It is only when Chen, on leave to complete a lucrative translation project gets involved, and the past excavated, that the murderer is eventually found.

Qiu Xiaolong was born in Shanghai, China. As well as writing the award-winning Inspector Chen series of mystery novels, he is also the author of two books of poetry translations, Treasury of Chinese Love Poems (2003) and Evoking T'ang (2007), and his own poetry collection, Lines Around China (2003). Qiu's books have sold over a million copies and have been published in twenty languages. He lives in St. Louis, USA with his wife and daughter.

3.5* Death of a Red Heroine (Inspector Chen Cao #1)
3* A Loyal Character Dancer (Inspector Chen Cao #2)
3* When Red Is Black (Inspector Chen Cao #3)