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The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas-fils

The Lady of the Camellias - Alexandre Dumas-fils, Edmund Gosse
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Read from November 30 to December 11, 2015



Description: The story of Marguerite Gauthier, a Parisian courtesan who goes on a journey through worldliness, love, renunciation and atonement, thanks to the love of young Armand Duval.

1: Armand is distraught to return to Paris too late to see Marguerite, the love of his life, before she dies.

2: Armand remembers his first meeting with Marguerite and the beginning of their passionate love affair.

3: Armand is unable to stand his mistress Marguerite being with other men, and takes rash action in a fit of jealousy.

4: Armand and Marguerite have at last escaped to a rural idyll, but their happiness is shattered when Armand's father begs his son to leave his mistress.

5: Armand finally reveals the hidden sacrifice that Marguerite made for him, and how nobly she acted for love.

I'll stick to Verdi, this book is mere sentimental hogwash.

Marguerite ...... Ruth Wilson
Duval ...... Dan Stevens
Dumas ...... Joseph Kloska
Marguerite's sister ...... Manon Edwards
Gravedigger ...... Dick Bradnum<