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Uncle Wiggily's Auto Sled

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Recommended for: Sylvester's Squirt!
Read from November 26 to 27, 2015


Title: Uncle Wiggily's Auto Sled or How Mr. Hedgehog Helped Him Get Up the Slippery Hill and How Uncle Wiggily Made a Snow Pudding. Also What Happened in the Snow Fort


Opening: One day Uncle Wiggily Longears took Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy for an auto ride. “I suppose a sleigh ride would be more stylish,” spoke Uncle Wiggily, “but I have no cutter.” Nurse Jane said the auto would suit her very well, and away they went. But soon they came to the bottom of a steep and slippery hill. “Will the auto go up?” asked Nurse Jane. “Oh, I guess so,” answered Uncle Wiggily, but it did not. The wheels slipped and skidded.

Oh this was lovely, and the baddies (Pipsisewah & Skeezicks) get their suitably timely just desserts. Curl up with a wee one this mid-winter.