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Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones by Paul Trynka

Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones - Paul Trynka



Description: For the first time, the complete story of the enigmatic founder of the Rolling Stones and the early years of the band. Brian Jones was the golden boy of the Rolling Stones—the visionary who gave the band its name and its sound. Yet he was a haunted man, and much of his brief time with the band, before his death in 1969 at the infamous age of twenty-seven, was volatile and tragic. Some of the details of how Jones was dethroned are well known, but the full story of his downfall is still largely untold.

Brian Jones is a forensic, thrilling account of Jones’s life, which for the first time details his pioneering achievements and messy unraveling. With more than 120 new interviews, Trynka offers countless new revelations and sets straight the tall tales that have long marred Jones’s legacy. His story is a gripping battle between creativity and ambition, between self-sabotage and betrayal. It’s all here: the girlfriends, the drugs, and some of the greatest music of all time.

Brian Jones VERY RARE interview 1965


Brian Jones - The Death of Brian Jones

Stoned-Brian Jones Story-Full Film

Jumpin' Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones - Introduced by John Lennon in sign language!

The Rolling Stones Play Little Red Rooster 1964

Rolling Stones - The Last Time : This is the first Stones single as we understand the Stones today. Due to Bryan's hospitalisation and generally erratic show-ups and unreliable demeanor, Jagger and Richards took control.

Rolling Stones and Howlin Wolf _1965_ How Many More Years

He died in a pool right next to a Hundred Acre Wood

Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

Brian Jones with Donovan, Ringo, John, Cilla Black, Paul and the band Grapefruit (seated) at Grapefruit's single launch party, 1968

Donovan & Linda Lawrence with her son Julian (her child with Brian Jones)