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Fire Catcher (The Thief Taker Series) by C.L. Quinn

Fire Catcher (The Thief Taker Series) - C.S. Quinn

Description: Hidden in London is a legendary power. A fabled chest guards secrets more precious than gold. But in 1666 secrets are deadly, and London is burning…

Charlie Tuesday is the city’s best thief taker. But one case still eludes him, a mysterious key entrusted by the mother he barely knew. The key opens a chest of priceless papers—papers said to hold the dark alchemy of a lost Brotherhood.

As flames ravage the city, the thief taker must track the chest into London’s blackest heart, where smugglers trade and sorcerers conjure. What Charlie begins to unravel is more ancient and powerful than he ever dreamed. But time is running out and fire is the greatest purge of all.

Opening: London is a city of half-timbered houses and wooden shacks.

An exciting story. The best bit is that you don't have to have read book one to enjoy Fire Catcher.

I found The Thief Taker overly long for its content and that situation is exacerbated by 110 pages with Fire Catcher.

NB: The Sealed Knot was a secret Royalist association which plotted for the Restoration of the Monarchy during the English Interregnum (wiki-sourced)

3.5* The Good Thief
3.5* Fire Catcher