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A Stuga On the Cusp of the Orust Riviera, tucked away next to a hobbit hole in the woods.

Precious Cargo by Peter Luther

Precious Cargo - Peter Luther


Description: “Fifteen? You think I’m fifteen? You’re wrong, minister man. I’m a slave. I ain’t got no right to be alive.”

Precious Cargo promises beautiful and gifted children when all other means have failed, but it’s a lifetime deal. The children are ruled by its Trustees’ baptism gifts, handcrafted toys that nurture their talent and aspirations.

The toys also understand what’s at stake, for while two Precious Cargo children are born every year, only one survives past age sixteen. Their fate seems linked to a Faberge egg with an impossible lock, the clue to an old, fanatic crime…

Opening: Alex's husband, usually suspicious of everything but his own capable hands, didn't care that this supposed fertility clinic, Precious Cargo, was unlisted.

Brecon Canal basin

Enter Tristyn Honeyman (whom I picture as Hagrid), and he offers advice to Alex and Lloyd.
  "Just Honeyman."
Do they heed? Do they, be buggered! There is an amazing four foot square doll's house complete with a library, a manikin rock group, and an adorable black parkour playing young lad who dares to risk all. Eye-scorching fun!

Bethel Chapel, Talybont

Madonna del Parto by Piero della Francesa

Penarth sea front and pier

The Mumbles Mile

A month of Halloween 2015 reads:

#1: 3* Nobody True by James Herbert: fraudio
#2: 4* The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard: fraudio
#3: 1* Brain Child by John Saul: fraudio
#4: 3* Domain (Rats #3) by James Herbert: fraudio
#5: 3* The Mourning Vessels by Peter Luther: paperback
#6: 2* The Doom of the Great City: ebook short-story
#7: 5* Long After Midnight by Ray Bradbury: fraudio
#8: 5* The Dead Zone by Stephen King: fraudio
#9: 3* The Chalice: hardback
#10: WL Seven Gothic Tales
#11: 4* Tales of Men and Ghosts: gutenberg
#12: 2* Shattered by Dean Koontz: fraudio
#13: 5* The Dunwich Horror: e-book: gutenberg
#14: 4* Death At Intervals: paperback
#15: 3* Alone: gutenberg
#16: 3* The Shunned House: gutenberg
#17: 4* The Thing on the Doorstep
#18: 2* Shadows by Saul: fraudio
#19: 3.5* Precious Cargo: paperback
#20: 2* The Magicians of the Golden Dawn: ebook
#21: 2* The Book of Black Magic
#22: 4* Beyond the Wall of Sleep
#23: 3* The Haunting of Hill House
#24: 2* Inferno
#25: 4* Monkey's Paw
#26: 4* The Pit and the Pendulum
#27: 3* William Wilson
#28: 4* The Moonlit Road and Other Stories
#29: 3* The Black Cat
#30: 4* The Cask of Amontillado
#31: 4* The Tell-Tale Heart
#32: 3* The Devil Rides Out
#33: 3* The Omen (I, II, and III)
#34: 3* Cool Air
#35: 3* Young Goodman Brown
#36 CR The Vanity Rooms

3* The Mourning Vessels (first in series)
3.5* Precious Cargo
CR The Vanity Rooms

3* Dark Covenant (standalone)