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The Chalice by Phil Rickman

The Chalice - PHIL RICKMAN

Drescription: Glastonbury, legendary resting place of the Holy Grail, is a mysterious and haunting town. When Diane Ffitch returns home, it’s with a sense of deep unease. As the town becomes increasingly split by violence and death, Diane and her friends face up to the worst of all possibilities: the existence of an anti-Grail—the Dark Chalice.

Opening: September 1919: There she was, lying across the bed, stretched out corner to corner, as though this could relieve the cramp inside caused by the way she had been used... trifled with and slighted, yes, and humiliated ... as if, as a young woman, she was natural prey, just another hopping bird in the hawk's garden.

Saturday, 15 November 1539, Richard Whiting, the last abbot, was taken to Glastonbury with two of his monks, John Thorne and Roger James, where all three were fastened upon hurdles and dragged by horses to the top of Glastonbury Tor which overlooks the town. Here they were hanged, drawn and quartered, with Whiting's head being fastened over the west gate of the now deserted abbey and his limbs exposed at Wells, Bath, Ilchester and Bridgwater.

- a Welsh mythological figure, the king of the Tylwyth Teg or "fair folk" and ruler of the Welsh Otherworld, Annwn. Described as a great warrior with a "blackened face", Gwyn is intimately associated with the otherworld in medieval Welsh literature, and is associated with the international tradition of the Wild Hunt.

Gwyn ap Nudd is intimately associated with Glastonbury Tor.

The thorn on Wearyall Hill

The Abbey was destroyed by Cromwell for Henry VIII

A full month of Halloween 2015 reads (because I have so many of these on my TBR mountain!):

#1: 3* Nobody True by James Herbert: fraudio
#2: 4* The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard: fraudio
#3: 1* Brain Child by John Saul: fraudio
#4: 3* Domain (Rats #3) by James Herbert: fraudio
#5: 3* The Mourning Vessels by Peter Luther: paperback
#6: 2* The Doom of the Great City: ebook short-story
#7: 5* Long After Midnight by Ray Bradbury: fraudio
#8: 5* The Dead Zone by Stephen King: fraudio
#9: 3* The Chalice: hardback
#10: WL Seven Gothic Tales
#11: 4* Tales of Men and Ghosts: gutenberg
#12: 2* Shattered by Dean Koontz: fraudio
#13: 5* The Dunwich Horror: e-book: gutenberg
#14: 4* Death At Intervals: paperback
#15: 3* Alone: gutenberg
#16: 3* The Shunned House: gutenberg
#17: 4* The Thing on the Doorstep
#18: 2* Shadows by Saul: fraudio
#19: CR Precious Cargo: paperback
#20: 2* The Magicians of the Golden Dawn: ebook
#21: 2* The Book of Black Magic
#22: 4* Beyond the Wall of Sleep
#23: 3* The Haunting of Hill House
#24: 2* Inferno
#25: 4* Monkey's Paw
#26: 4* The Pit and the Pendulum
#27: 3* William Wilson
#28: 4* The Moonlit Road and Other Stories
#29: 3* The Black Cat
#30: 4* The Cask of Amontillado
#31: 4* The Tell-Tale Heart
#32: 3* The Devil Rides Out
#33: 3* The Omen (I, II, and III)
#34: 3* Cool Air
"35: 3* Young Goodman Brown

CR The Chalice
4* The Bones of Avalon
4* December
WL The Heresy of Dr Dee

4*The Wine of Angels
4* Midwinter of the Spirit
3* A Crown of Lights