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The Master by Colm Tóibín

The Master - Colm Tóibín


Description: The Master tells the story of Henry James, a man born into one of America's first intellectual families two decades before the Civil War. In stunningly resonant prose, Tsibmn captures the loneliness and longing, the hope and despair of a man who never married, never resolved his sexual identity, and whose forays into intimacy inevitably failed him and those he tried to love.

Withdrawn from London Borough of Redbridge Libraries

Opening: January 1895. Sometimes in the night he dreamed about the dead - familiar faces and the others, half-forgotten ones, fleetingly summoned up. Now as he woke, it was, he imagined, an hour or more before the dawn; there would be no sound or movement for several hours. He touched the muscles on his neck which had become stiff; to his fingers they seemed unyielding and solid but not painful. As he moved his head, he could hear the muscles creaking. I am like an old door, he said to himself.

Not being much of a Henry James fan I didn't mind the implications, yet do wonder if this was slightly bitchy. Tóibín is a wordsmith but there is that nasty taste left in the mouth. Nora Webster suited me far better.

3* The Master
TR The Blackwater Lightship
4* Nora Webster
LIDA - The Testament of Mary - subject matter does not appeal