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Half A Crown (Small Change #3) by Jo Walton

Half A Crown (Small Change) - Jo Walton


Description: In 1941 the European war ended in the Farthing Peace, a rapprochement between Britain and Nazi Germany. The balls and banquets of Britain’s upper class never faltered, while British ships ferried “undesirables” across the Channel to board the cattle cars headed east.

Peter Carmichael is commander of the Watch, Britain’s distinctly British secret police. It’s his job to warn the Prime Minister of treason, to arrest plotters, and to discover Jews. The midnight knock of a Watchman is the most dreaded sound in the realm.

Now, in 1960, a global peace conference is convening in London, where Britain, Germany, and Japan will oversee the final partition of the world. Hitler is once again on British soil. So is the long exiled Duke of Windsor—and the rising gangs of “British Power” streetfighters, who consider the Government “soft,” may be the former king’s bid to stage a coup d’état.

Opening: A week before she was due to bring me out, I overheard Mrs Maynard saying I was "not quite..." That's how she said it. "Elvira's not quite..."

Everything has to go onto hold whilst I delve into this - my better half is scooting through book two and can't have him read this before I do because ... well, just because.

At the end: an exciting last book in the trilogy. Each of the three books had flaws yet the overall effect was pleasurable.