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Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History Of Russia by Orlando Figes

Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History Of Russia - Orlando Figes


Opening: On a misty spring morning in 1703 a dozen Russian horsemen rode across the bleak and barren marshlands where the Neva river runs into the Baltic Sea. They were looking for a site to build a fort against the Swedes, then at war with Russia, and the owners of these long abandoned swamps.

Even though the author is a sock puppet*, I still need to read this book.


2015 Reboot as I didn't bookmark where I was up to the last time this was picked up.

Fantastic, and my TBR pile has swollen with the literary references.

The Bronze Horseman by Pushkin is here

Full film: October: Ten Days That Shook the World - Sergei M. Eisenstein

Stravinsky Ballet Petrushka