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Odd Man Out by F.L. Green

Odd Man Out - F.L. Green


bookshelves: spring-2015, britain-n-ireland, published-1945, film-only, belfast, under-20
Read from February 21 to March 08, 2015


Book description: In the aftermath of a botched hold-up, intended to finance the activities of his IRA cell, a wounded Johnny McQueen takes shelter in the back-alleys of Belfast, a shadowy underworld where sanctuary is freighted at every moment with peril. Meanwhile, a vast police manhunt is launched -- a net that closes steadily, remorselessly in upon him.

wiki description: The film's opening intertitle reads:

"This story is told against a background of political unrest in a city of Northern Ireland. It is not concerned with the struggle between the law and an illegal organisation, but only with the conflict in the hearts of the people when they become unexpectedly involved."

The city and the organisation are never explicitly named, but the protagonist, Johnny McQueen (James Mason), is the IRA-like group's leader in the city. Johnny has been hiding the past six months since his escape from prison in a house occupied by Kathleen Sullivan (Kathleen Ryan), who loves him, and her grannie


I love the way that people say this would have been diminished if it had been filmed in colour - I actually see where that feeling is coming from! It's the chiaroscuro that defines this movie.

Mason magnificence.

But the posters - colour!