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All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy

All the Pretty Horses - Cormac McCarthy


Narrated by Frank Muller

Description: In the spring of 1948 on a small Texas ranch, sixteen year old John Grady Cole attends the funeral of his grandfather, with whom he has lived since his parents’ separation. The grandfather’s ranch has been left to John Grady’s mother, a small-time actress who has no interest in it and will sell it. John Grady’s father, psychologically damaged by World War II and now physically ill as well, tells his son goodbye. With no apparent future in Texas, and sensing the threat of the new era to the traditional life he values, John Grady urges his old friend Rawlins to accompany him to Mexico. There, John Grady will find that his innocence, or ignorance, will ultimately lead him close to destruction.

    Hush-a-by, Don't you cry,
Go to sleep, little baby.
And when you wake, You shall have,
And all the pretty little horses

Dapples and Greys, Pintos, and Bays
All the pretty little horses
So hush-a-by, Don't you cry,
Go to sleep, little baby

How I love McCormac's writing, it hits the spot. Watched the film straight after the book and I can vouch that the film follows the dialogue faithfully.

Sheer and utter brilliant wordology, as always.

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